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Floating Installation for Wave Energy Conversion
compact and ecologically clean solution for getting a cheap renewable energy from the power of waves
In work
1. Elliptic mast of the sailboat with possibility of sail setup
2. Irregular activated icebreaker
3. Mobile device - transformer
4. Efficient way of conditioner radiators manufacture
5. Wheel with/without air
6. Magnet gear set (motor)
7. UAV with vertical launch/landing
8. Friction reduction in high-compression engine
9. High capacity engine with performance factor-1
10. Overpressure balloon
11. Internal-combustion engine with higher performance factor-2
12. Wine tank to save timber
13. Cable structure of supports
14. AFW-3 Swing bridge to change cabin position (up/down)
15. Pump device
16. Autonomous hydraulic barrier
17. Self-activated battery plant for electro mobile
18. Emergency stop sign
19. Evacuation unit for high-scrapers
20. Trees re-planting
Who are we?
Core team
'We have come together to create bridges between innovation and advanced business.'
Aleksandr Pomoshnikov
In order to succeed in business one needs to have either a good product with a reasonable price or a completely new product with a revolutionary element. That is why you have come to the right place. We help people to develop a successful business and use latest innovations to make their good products better.
Pavel Beylin
Innovation is business. We create and develop innovations which allow companies to start their way to future prosperity right now.
Anzhelina Lievskaya
Head of Sales Department
Get people thinking. Give them quality. Surprise and delight. Think different. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Gifted People will always change the existing stereotypes.
Georgy Beylin
Scientific Advisor
In science, one cannot find new directions without leaving the old ones. The same is true for business. To predict the future means to create it. And Gifted People works everyday to push technological boundaries in order to create a better tomorrow.
Sergey Petrenko
Chief Technical Officer
It is impossible to discover new oceans if you don't have enough courage to leave the shore. It is especially difficult when all the seas have already been explored. But it only seems to be at the first sight since everything that surrounds us is only a starting point, and the rest is determined by Chronos. We keep up with the time, in fact, we manage to be ahead of it.
Oleksandr Moiseiev
Head of Legal Department
Intellectual property is an important part of our business. We're flexible, open minded and always looking for win-win solutions in our contracts.
We founded GIFTED People in order to bring together brilliant engineering solutions meeting the society's needs. We are sincerely interested in the development of modern science and we want new technologies to come into everyday life saving our planet's resources and improving people's lives.
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