AFW suspension
  • term of implementation - 5-8 years
  • project earnings - 480 000 000 $ (potencial)
  • production - military
What is unique?
Gifted People Developed 4 modifications of our suspension technology. The 1st is the basic one, the 2nd (PCT/UA 2015/000089 AFW-2) and 3rd ( PCT/UA 2016/000052 AFW-3) can be used for cars, buses, trailers, light trucks and other four-wheel vehicles and modification 4 was developed specifically for wheelchair production.
While developing our technology we had the task from the defense industry to create a cheap mechanical suspension which saves all positive functions of hydraulic and air suspensions, but is free from their disadvantages.
In our cases you can see another product with this innovation:
- Electric Wheelchair
- Trailers
- Roller Skates
- Floating Installation Platform
What are the advantages of our suspension technology
suspension mechanism provides equal weight distribution on all four wheels - 25% of weight on each
in most suspensions only one wheel takes the load while meeting an obstacle, in our variant all 4 wheels take the load
provides a constant traction of all 4 wheels with the ground
increases stability of the vehicle while driving due to the length of the levers
the ability to change the clearance of the vehicle
the ability to stabilize the tilt of the body. Stabilization by means of electronic can be done automatically, which gives the opportunity to work on inclined surfaces
totally flat chassis without 3d body elements
the increased durability of the system, less wear of the wheels and welds of the vehicle
the ability to gain whatever functionality you need for your vehicles
the complete absence of hydraulic and pneumatic elements, while saving the same functions using mechanic
the ability to use the existing assembly lines, there is no need to create new elements
increased cross-country capacity, particularly important for special transport
How our technology will help you to increase the profit and share of the market?
The air and hydraulic suspensions are quite expensive, so we suggest opening a new niche and giving customers choice.
Idea sample
Those who paid more for vehicles on hydraulic and air suspension now can become your clients and get the same functions for lower price. On the other hand, those who used to buy vehicles in low price segment will get the additional functions for practically same price. Our marketing department calculated that increment in profit may be about 15-20% due to the opening of a new niche.

How much will this cost to manufacture?
Our suspension won't be expensive to manufacture and it doesn't make the vehicle more difficult. In the attachment you can see the video of our suspension on a wheelchair which works on the same principles. Our task was to improve the functionality and to remain in the same price and weight segment. That is possible for automotive industry as well.