We are an innovative company
that a few years ago developed
technology for the military and
the space industry and made its
first modification for a wheelchair.
Our engineering group managed to make a technological brak through in the construction of the wheelchair wheelbase and bring to the market the most comfortable and safe power wheelchair. Thanks to our innovative mechanical (patent pending) technology, all 4 wheels of the wheelchair always remain in contact with the ground, even if one wheel hits an obstacle of 14 centimeters or higher. This unique feature guarantees comfortable overcoming of all types of surface irregularities ensures a smooth movement and minimizes rocking from side to side while overcoming obstacles
What are the
features of our electric wheelchair?
Our model of Powered Wheelchair is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, due to its compact dimensions on the one hand and high comfort and and stability while moving on uneven surfaces on the other hand. It is high-speed electric wheelchair of a new generation with a wide range of individual settings and a high level of maneuverability. The main features of the product:

  • Individual adjustment of the width and depth of the seat is available.The ability to change the backrest tilt for the most comfortable position. Removable soft cushion is included to the basic set.
  • The function of Tilt allows to change the angle of inclination of the seat and backrest, which is important for posture support, spine load relief and reduction of the risk of bedsores.
  • Removable armrests with guard boards are height adjustable.
  • Removable and folding footrests are adjustable in length depending on the height of the user. The shin support is carried out.

  • The controller can be moved forward and to the side in order to be adjusted to the length of the arm. It is also possible to fix it on the left or right side. Five modes of speed change are available.

  • The wheelchair is equipped with a unique mechanical suspension, which provides better control and maneuverability, increases smoothness and stability when overcoming obstacles, reduces vibrations when driving on uneven surface. This technology reduces the load on the spine and shaking, increases user comfort.

The wheelchair is equipped with anti-overturn system, seat belt, LED lighting system (lights and blinkers).
What are the advantages of our electric wheelchair
suspension mechanism provides equal weight distribution on all four wheels - 25% of weight on each
in most suspensions only one wheel takes the load while meeting an obstacle, in our variant all 4 wheels take the load
provides a constant traction of all 4 wheels with the ground
amortization and stability of a wheelchair despite ups and downs of the road
increases the longevity of the wheelchair frame, and provides less wear of the wheels and welds of the vehicle
The installation of our suspension doesn`t influence on work and functional usage of additional wheelchair equipment
the production of our suspension does not require the change of existing assembly lines
increased flotation, which allows wheelchair to move on uneven surfaces
The wheelchair with our suspension doesn`t turnover and shake from side to side with a passenger while driving
The manufacturing process of our suspension is simple and not expensive, and thus does not increase the price of a wheelchair much
The reliance on all four wheels is achieved without the help of spring elements only by connection of all the wheels to each other and the force of gravity.
The suspension is fully functional during the installation of all four wheels of different diameters and not sensitive to wheel punctures.
If it is necessary, the shock-absorber also can be installed on this type of suspension
vehicle suspension may change the clearance and lean forward or backward, lean to the left or to the right (possible for expensive models)
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