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Full name
What is the main idea of the project (plant building, product development, etc.)
What is the current status of the project development (for how long the enterprise has been working, what documents, certificates had been obtained, where the company is registered)
Description of the product, its functions and operating principle.
What competitors or alternative solutions are on the market?
What are the advantages and differences of technology from others in the market?
What is the purpose of the necessary investment? What kind of investment is required (financing R & D, developing technology, creating a prototype, building a factory, marketing research, etc.)?
Financial part (product price, production cost, sales plan (if any), etc.).
What is the business model (form) of investing (investing in capital, buying technology, buying a license, etc.)?
What is your offer to the investor? What’s the investor benefit when investing funds?
Potential risks for the investor.
Information on the completion of incubation programs, the receipt of grants, the awards or victories in competitions.
What is the stage of intellectual property registration: who owns proprietary rights? Is there a patent? In which countries and when was it received? Is there a PCT application? Please, provide the detailed answer.
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