Mobility Scooter
with AFW suspension
  • term of implementation - 2 years
  • project earnings - 27 000 000 $ (potencial)
What is important?

Our Suspension technology may be implemented to any kind of 4 wheeled Mobility Scooter, while there is no need to change the assembly lines or the model design.
For installation of our system, we used a large scooter available in our region (Wu's Tech L4B), although for suspension implementation may be used any other 4-wheeled scooter of a any other brand and size.

Our system is a complete breakthrough in the field of Scooter Suspensions.

Maximum stability, reliability and ease of installation.
International PCT patent application is obtained.

Our system
Is fully mechanical
Allows to significantly improve stability and comfort when driving on rough terrain
Can be adapted to existing assembly lines

2 times reduces shaking and loosening of the scooter ensuring soft riding on uneven surfaces.
Thanks to absolutely flat design, the suspension can be successfully installed on any type of 4-wheeled scooter, while all 4 wheels remain in constant grip with the ground (even when one wheel hits an obstacle).
What are the advantages of our suspension technology
suspension mechanism provides equal weight distribution on all four wheels - 25% of weight on each
in most suspensions only one wheel takes the load while meeting an obstacle, in our variant all 4 wheels take the load
provides a constant traction of all 4 wheels with the ground
amortization and stability of a wheelchair despite ups and downs of the road
increases the longevity of the wheelchair frame, and provides less wear of the wheels and welds of the vehicle
space-saving design for easier transportation with the possibility of folding
the wheelchairs with our suspension practically do not need maintenance
The installation of our suspension doesn`t influence on work and functional usage of additional wheelchair equipment
the production of our suspension does not require the change of existing assembly lines
increased flotation, which allows wheelchair to move on uneven surfaces
The wheelchair with our suspension doesn`t turnover and shake from side to side with a passenger while driving
The manufacturing process of our suspension is simple and not expensive, and thus does not increase the price of a wheelchair much
The reliance on all four wheels is achieved without the help of spring elements only by connection of all the wheels to each other and the force of gravity.
The suspension is fully functional during the installation of all four wheels of different diameters and not sensitive to wheel punctures.
If it is necessary, the shock-absorber also can be installed on this type of suspension
vehicle suspension may change the clearance and lean forward or backward, lean to the left or to the right (possible for expensive models)
Innovation breaking boundaries!

Open the world of comfort and safe movement.

Retail and wholesale sales are started