Roller Skates
Consumers complain
Nowadays skaters around the world are using inline and quad roller skates, but both these variants have limited functionality. For example, quad rollers are safer, more agile and stable when driving, but not fast enough.
Inline rollers offer great speed, but do not allow quick and sudden turns (using wheels of equal diameters), they are unstable and difficult to master, especially for beginners. Bearings and roller wheels often wear out when driving on an uneven road due to uneven load distribution on them. The market needs simple and functional rollers without the disadvantages of both these variants.
We created universal skates
To solve this problem, we created a new roller system using wheels of equal diameters, which combines all the advantages of inline and quad rollers, but is free from their disadvantages.
The developed rollers are fast, maneuverable and comfortable for skating and have received excellent reviews from professional sportsmen who took part in their testing. Their flexibility allows to cover both beginners and experienced skaters and guarantees the increased demand for them from consumers.Technology is patent pending and we can provide you with all the necessary documentation for its further development.
The system provides a constant grip of the wheels to the ground on any surface, in which the load is evenly distributed on all four wheels. That makes the rollers extremely stable at any type of road surface and the skater's legs do not sway from side to side while driving. They wear less when driving on uneven surfaces, since the load on all bearings is the same. When driving on paving stones, the wheels reduce vibrations and the skater feels less shaking and discomfort. The skater can easily and quickly develop a great speed and easily make turns. The length of the wheelbase does not exceed the length of the shoe and the rollers remain compact and comfortable.
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