Space rocket

The space rocket suspension is developed for aerospace industry, particularly for space rocket production. The system ensures a stable landing of the rocket with low energy consumption.
The system uses the principle of AFW technology (always on four wheels) adapted for the rocket body. It means that the body becomes self-adapting and takes a stable position (passively) on any uneven surface. The weight of the rocket is equally distributed on all four support feet and the rocket body occupies a position perpendicular to the medium plane which passes through four support points. The system is attached to the rocket body above the main engines and does not interfere with their work.


The system is mainly mechanical and can be used many times during takeoffs and landings.
The hydraulic components are used only to move the suspension parts from the flight position to the landing position and vice versa.They do not resist load of the rocket weight and can be replaced with pneumatic components. The suspension allows the greater non-verticality of rocket body at the moment of touch with the ground while landing, which will make the landing process much easier.